Free tv you say? Yes, Free.

While not as easy or as high of quality video as satellite tv by SatHookup or get cable triple plays, you CAN watch live streaming video free on many websites without having to download anything. Everyone knows about YouTube, Google Video, Vimeo, ect. but you usually are not able to get the content that you want.

Fact is you can get many new movies or tv shows online without without breaking the law downloading illegal copies or buying software. You can watch shows like Entourage, Heroes, and Weeds. Complete seasons, every episode cataloged usually from different websites across the world.

Popular FREE Streaming Video Sites Include: ScrubMoney Rate and Evaluate: will open new tab Surf the Channel has a great selection of free streaming TV shows. A great place to watch hard to find movies. A lot of international video hubs block US IP addresses. will open new tab HDTheaters has a lot of great, well laid out, free streaming movies in good to great quality. Some links are dead, gut a little browsing is all you need. will open new tab It’s just that, OK TV and movies, but a LARGE selection in a searchable format. Older free movies as well as theater cuts, TVOkay is a classic.

These sites are pimarily collections of live links to video files that are uploaded for free by users across the world and streamed to you viewers for free. You will frequently have to go through many dead links due to infringement.

NEVER DOWNLOAD ANTYTHING – It may be a virus, or be pose a criminal action.

Your not downloading anything so technically your not stealing, like if you were to watch someone without a drivers license drive. How are you to know they can’t legally drive. In fact, the videos on these sites may be for public viewing.

Increase your knowledge by watching full, comparatively high quality documentary sites:

These sites offer hundreds of full length documentaries about Social and Economic issues, New World Order, Conspiracy, Science, Political and History videos.

Get Better Quality Videos

For the most part, free streaming video on the internet is not of the highest quality, and lags a great deal, so you have to constantly wait for the video to buffer.

You do have the option to pay a small fee to watch a lot of current media. Video rental places like NetFlicks allow you to stream thousands of high quality movies along with the dvds they send you in the mail.

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