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ScrubMoney Financial Blog

Epic Life Strategy Lessons Learned from a Game

Can you really learn life strategy lessons from a online game? Yes, you can. Supremacy 1914 Strategy Life Lessons Supremacy 1914 is a slow paced online strategy game played worldwide by sophisticated people with all types of jobs and backgrounds. You meet all types of...

Why an Economic Recession is Coming

Is an economic recession coming? It's already here. GDP growth is lower than inflation. Now there are a lot of different ways to incorporate inflation into GDP, calculate inflation, and so on. Some may say the inflation numbers aren't accurate. Some would say we are...

Financial Markets Simplified – Easy Game for Stocks, Trading

I have a secret addiction. It's a numbers game, and it involves the stock market. Worldwide trading, competition and deal making. Politics, strategy and intelligence. Math, resource management, supply chain in a simplified and fun way. The game is Supremacy 1914. The...
Stop Spending Money Now

Stop Spending Money Now

The quickest way to save money is to just stop spending money. Obviously, you'll have to pay your bills or risk financial ruin, but if you need to gather some cash or balance your budget in a pinch, there are many ways to stop your spending now, just one day at a...

How to Lower Debt Quickly

How to Lower Debt Quickly

How to lower debt? Pay it down as fast as possible. Cutting your debt can be as simple as making more money than your spend, and using it to pay your debt off instead of saving it. Reducing your debt is one of the quickest ways to financial freedom. Just because...

How to Save Money on Bills

How to Save Money on Bills

The worst thing about bills is that they are a recurring expense. TV, Internet, cell phones, electricity, heat, hot water, business services, entertainment (Netflix and other streaming services), car payments, mortgages, rent, storage, credit cards and other financed...

How to Save Money on TV, Internet and Phone Services

How to Save Money on TV, Internet and Phone Services

If you've ever looked at your cable bill before, you know how expensive tv, internet and phone services can get. All three products combined without promotions can reach over $250.00 in costs a month! Aside from cutting communication services out all together (which...

Watch Live Sports Online For Free

So here is it sports fans! So you sick and tired of paying that $99 charge for NFL Network or Not being able to see the whole La Mas race? Fear no more, I got for you the ultimate live sports online website. You can watch all your favorites nba,...

Retirement Calculators

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Saving money is not only good, but can be fun.

How to save money – off your monthly bills, things you buy and services you use.

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