If you’ve ever looked at your cable bill before, you know how expensive tv, internet and phone services can get. All three products combined without promotions can reach over $250.00 in costs a month!

Aside from cutting communication services out all together (which is near impossible), there are other ways to save money off your TV, internet and phone services. Trimming these bills can save your household hundreds of dollars a year – real money that can be saved or invested. Here’s how to save money off your TV, Internet and Phone bills:

Switch Your Service Provider

One of the most often overlooks strategies is switching service providers, or at least be willing to switch if your current provider won’t provide a discount. This can be difficult if you live in an area with few cable service providers, which typically offer the highest internet speeds and best pricing on tv bundles.

Consider Other Service Providers Besides Cable

While Internet services from providers like Consolidated Communications, AT&T and Verizon may not have cable tv and high speed internet services everywhere they operate, they typically offer traditional phone and internet service – often at a much lower price.

This includes landline phones, cellular service, and dialup or DSL internet which form the majority of communication networks throughout the United States. While Dial-Up internet is incredibly slow, residential DSL is typically fast enough to handle a family’s internet needs.

Combine with Satellite TV

When a communications company doesn’t have the infrastructure or enough customers in a local area to make their own tv packages, they usually partner with a satellite tv provider like Dish Network or Directv. Often, they can offer discounts off of bundled tv, internet, phone services.

Only Pay For Internet Services

With internet service, you can surf the web, play online games, watch Youtube and stream other video services like Netflix. Often, there are free, ad supported options for every major network, lower monthly subscription services like HBO Go or Netflix, or pay per view movies and shows platforms like RedBox.

You can use you computer, smart tv, gaming console or get an adapter or media box like Roku. This leaves you the most control over your entertainment budget, and you can easily cut your bills when you aren’t home or too busy to watch tv.

When the Fastest Internet Isn’t Available

When the fastest internet isn’t available like high speed cable, you might want to consider something like DSL internet. There are far more providers like Verizon, AT&T, Consolidated Communications and other local providers.

How Fast is DSL Internet?

You might think that DSL Internet speed is too slow, but in most cases DSL is fast enough to do what you want to do. This means you can stream video, use VoIP phones and online game without issues.

How Fast is Satellite Internet?

Satellite Internet, while decent speeds, on the other hand has latency issues. This means that it takes time for the information to travel over the internet, causing a delay in response time. Live streaming and online gaming is difficult, but satellite internet is fast enough to stream Netflix or general web browsing.

Recommended only in rural areas where other high-speed options don’t exist.

Buy Your Own Router/Modem

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) charge high monthly rates to rent out their WiFi routers and modems. You can save money off your internet bill – over $14 a month by buying your own equipment – often for less then it costs to pay for 6 months of rental through your ISP.

There are now affordable combination wifi modems that can handle 20-40 simultaneous connections – your computers, phones, tablets and other internet connected devises at high speeds. They last for years, work wherever you move, and are small investment that will pay itself back in less than a year!

Bundle TV, Internet, Phone Services to Save Money

Providers are all about getting as much of your business as they can and keeping you a customer for as long as possible. To do that, they offer some pretty good deals when you combine their services into a package.

You can either switch to a new provider if available or when you move, or call your current cable company to see what special offers they have available.

Ask for a Discount

It doesn’t always work, but if you call up your current service provider and talk to a real human, you may be able to negotiate a discount off your tv, internet or phone bill for being a loyal customer. They may figure that if you are happy, you may give them a good review, tell your friends or just stick with them longer.

You can find the best number to call on your monthly bill – speak to the billing department for best results.

Any Other Ways to Save Money of TV, Internet, Phone Bills?

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