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More In, Less Out

Saving money is all about surplus – doing more with less. It also means not spending all the money you earn. Reduce the money you spend, then actually hold onto the excess. Saving Money with Scrub Money.

Budget to Stay on Track

Creating a budget is helpful to saving money. It puts things in perspective, creating boundaries with your finances.
Budgeting allows you to plan for your financial goals.

Pay the Best Price

Shop around and pay the best price. Having an understanding of how different marketplaces and industries work – like utilities and electronics – can help you find the best deals.
It takes time, but can save you money upfront and in the long run.

There Are Many Ways to Make Money

Making money can be done in a variety of ways. Since time is money, most people want to make money as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, easy money is hard to find, and when you do find it, others will soon come to gather it up.

If you are smart, work hard, and position yourself properly, you can optimize making money to your unique situation. ScrubMoney aims to help you do just that.

Saving Money

Making Money Tips

The 7 Fastest Ways to Save Money

If you want to make a large purchase or plan for your financial future in the best way possible, you are going to want to start saving money as soon as possible. Saving as much as you possibly can will help reach your goals in less time – so what are the fastest ways...

How Credit Card Companies Make Money

How Credit Card Companies Make Money The credit card industry is big business. They process over 23% of all consumer transactions in the US, and their usage is growing. With online shopping becoming more common, and the rewards points, bonuses and security offered to...

How Bad Is Inflation 2021?

Inflation has been in the news for some time now. It is making prices go up – the cost of things we buy, energy we use and things we consume. Whether inflation is good or bad depends on who you ask. In 2021, economists have been indicating inflation at over 5% - the...

Stop Spending Money Now

The quickest way to save money is to just stop spending money. Obviously, you'll have to pay your bills or risk financial ruin, but if you need to gather some cash or balance your budget in a pinch, there are many ways to stop your spending now, just one day at a...

How to Lower Debt Quickly

How to lower debt? Pay it down as fast as possible. Cutting your debt can be as simple as making more money than your spend, and using it to pay your debt off instead of saving it. Reducing your debt is one of the quickest ways to financial freedom. Just because...

How to Save Money on Bills

The worst thing about bills is that they are a recurring expense. TV, Internet, cell phones, electricity, heat, hot water, business services, entertainment (Netflix and other streaming services), car payments, mortgages, rent, storage, credit cards and other financed...

How to Save Money on TV, Internet and Phone Services

If you've ever looked at your cable bill before, you know how expensive tv, internet and phone services can get. All three products combined without promotions can reach over $250.00 in costs a month! Aside from cutting communication services out all together (which...
How To Save Money

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Saving Money on Bills


Why Save Money?

If you focus on saving money, you sill become more conscious on how you spend your money.

Making Money FAQs

Will Inflation Kill my Savings?

Yes, inflation will kill your savings. This is true in 2021, where inflation of the US Dollar is over 5% yearly. Having money saved will keep you out of trouble and make you feel safe. If you want to build wealth, you will have to invest your money to at least keep up with inflation.

Is Money Real?

“Money isn’t real, we only think it is.” – “Blow”, the movie. Money is as real as we make it. It is a tool to help society function. It speeds things up, or slows them down.

Should I sacrifice Happiness to Save Money?

Only to a degree. Look at it more as delayed gratification. What matters most is what you are saving money for, and how happy it will make you and the ones you love.

Can I Take Money Saved With Me When I Die?

Unfortunately, no, your money goes back into the economic pool when you die. It pays of debts, taxes and  where you directed while you were still alive.

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