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Making money is all about income – earning more funds. Growing your income can help out immensely. It can give you more breathing room, reducing stress. Make Money with Scrub Money.


Figuring out how much money you need to make will give you a goal. How much time do you have, and how much do you have to earn in that time frame?


Growing your profits is running your finances efficiently. It means spending less than you make. Being more productive.

There Are Many Ways to Make Money

Making money can be done in a variety of ways. Since time is money, most people want to increase their income as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, easy money is hard to find, and when you do find it, others will soon come to gather it up.

If you are smart, work hard, and position yourself properly, you can optimize making money to your unique situation. ScrubMoney aims to help you do just that.

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Making Money Tips

Epic Life Strategy Lessons Learned from a Game

Can you really learn life strategy lessons from a online game? Yes, you can. Supremacy 1914 Strategy Life Lessons Supremacy 1914 is a slow paced online strategy game played worldwide by sophisticated people with all types of jobs and backgrounds. You meet all types of...

Why an Economic Recession is Coming

Is an economic recession coming? It's already here. GDP growth is lower than inflation. Now there are a lot of different ways to incorporate inflation into GDP, calculate inflation, and so on. Some may say the inflation numbers aren't accurate. Some would say we are...

Financial Markets Simplified – Easy Game for Stocks, Trading

I have a secret addiction. It's a numbers game, and it involves the stock market. Worldwide trading, competition and deal making. Politics, strategy and intelligence. Math, resource management, supply chain in a simplified and fun way. The game is Supremacy 1914. The...

PayPal Credit Card Fees – Save Money in 2023

Pay Pal charges fees for credit card transactions. The Paypal credit card fee stay fairly consistent, but they did make some changes in 2023 to rates and services. There are different rates for merchants depending on how they pay - whether using PayPal Checkout,...

Make That Money – Things That Make Money

We all want to make that money. Even my young son wants to be rich. He wants to know the things that make money the easiest way possible. If it were simple, everyone would be rich. There has to be an easier way to make money - let's do a thought exercise with a little...

How Do Banks Make Money?

Banks make money many different ways. Like any service business, they have customer accounts that they try to sell products and services to, charging fees and interest. What is unique about banks is that they also make money investing the funds they have on hand and...

Earn Paypal Funds – How to Earn Money with Pay Pal

Pay Pal is an online payment program. You can earn money with PayPal by receiving money, invoicing for goods and services. They charge a processing which is very competitive, and most people have a Pay Pal account. Here’s how to earn money with Paypal:...

Great Power of Compound Interest and Efforts

Any action, compounded over time, will produced incredible results. Interest, compounded over time, will produce growth. in a number, such as savings, inflation or a stock price when you reinvest dividends. In nature, there is continuous growth. In finance and other...

Four Ways to Save for Your Next Big Purchase Without Sacrificing Lifestyle

Spending is easy, saving is hard. That is a saying that is often touted. But does it really have to be that way? If you want to save up for something, do you really need to sacrifice your lifestyle? No, not if you follow a few simple steps. 1. Automate Your Savings In...

When is the Best Time to Refinance Your Mortgage

Refinancing your mortgage at the right time can save you thousands of dollars. Doing it at the wrong time will cost you thousands. Before refinancing read on and discover when it is worth refinancing and how to get the best rate. Why and when you should refinance a...
How To Save Money

Articles packed with tips on how to save money on all sorts of things like:

Saving Money on Bills


Why Save Money?

If you focus on saving money, you sill become more conscious on how you spend your money.

Making Money FAQs

Is it Easy to Make More Money

Yes, it is easy to make more money. Simply work more hours at a competitive rate. If you want to make money efficiently, you have to be smart. Click here for small business.

Is Money Real?

“Money isn’t real, we only think it is.” – “Blow”, the movie. Money is as real as we make it. It is a tool to help society function. It speeds things up, or slows them down.

Should I sacrifice Happiness to make Money?

Only to a degree. Lacking money leads to stress and desperation. What matters most is what you giving up for that money, and how happy it will make you and the ones you love.

Can I Take Money EARNED With Me When I Die?

Unfortunately, no, your money goes back into the economic pool when you die. People give you money, and if you earn it, however, you will leave a legacy for the people you help.

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