- 150 x 180 - All Cards Bubble BannerUnless your the heir of a family fortune, you’re gonna have to borrow money at some point. You can borrow money for college, to buy your first car, condo, or house

You need either a credit or debit card for almost everything these days. It makes paying the bills easier while giving you a sense of security that if you run out of money, you’ll always have your card.

Though borrowing money and using credit can help you get the things you want and need faster, it does have it’s dark side. Having a quick cash injection can cause you to spend frivolously and make bad decisions with the money you do have.

Use this section to help navigate through theĀ  loan application process and ocean of credit card offers. Find advice on understanding the documents, different types of loans available and negotiating the best interest rates for the credit you do decide to use.