Pay Pal is an online payment program. You can earn money with PayPal by receiving money, invoicing for goods and services.

They charge a processing which is very competitive, and most people have a Pay Pal account. Here’s how to earn money with Paypal:

Open a Pay Pal Account

If you don’t already have a Pay Pal account, you need to set one up to earn Paypal funds. If you want a separate/ business account, you can do that as well.

Enter your basic information, including your email address, confirm it. Now you can start earning with PayPal.

In order to access the money earned, you’ll need to link an active bank account. You’ll then be able to transfer your funds from your Pay Pal to your financial institution (bank).

Pay Pal is in a way a bank, but they don’t have any physical locations. They can give you a Debit Card, which you can also use to access your PayPal money and funds

You can open a new Pay Pal account here.

How to Earn PayPal Funds

You get money transferred into your account from any other Pay Pal account. If you want to earn PayPal money, or credits, you need to invoice someone for a good or service. They then have to pay it. Pay Pal charges fees, which are deducted from the amount received.

That amount will be the earned PayPal funds.

Pay Pal Fees Charged

Unless it is a transfer from one Paypal account to another, fees are charged for each transaction. This includes a flat fee per transaction, and a percentage of the total amount charged.

This rate is substantial (about 3% of total), but competitive with other merchant processors and online payment companies.

You’re going to want to keep this in mind, because it comes out of your profit margin. The fees are more of an issue for small ticket items.

Always build the Pay Pal fees into the price you charge for the good or service.

See all the Pay Pal Fees Charged here.

Get PayPal Money

You can spend the money directly from your Pay Pal account for goods or services online. To get PayPal money, you will need to withdraw your funds to your bank account.

This typically takes 1-2 business days, or you can do an instant transfer for a fee. I never do instant transfers, and my Pay Pal Money is usually available in one day to my bank. I always transfer the cash to my banking account and buy things with my credit card to earn rewards or pay later.

It’s easy to get PayPal money.

Ways to Earn Pay Pal Money

You can earn PayPal funds by sending a money request or invoice directly from Pay Pal. Often, people use eBay or Amazon to sell products and transfer the funds from that account to Pay Pal.

You can also add links to your website or integrate them with your shopping cart if you have one.

If you have a storefront, like a building, or visit your customers directly, you can also swipe their cards directly to pay for goods and services.

There are endless ways to earn PayPal money; basically, anyway you can earn money.