The quickest way to save money is to just stop spending money. Obviously, you’ll have to pay your bills or risk financial ruin, but if you need to gather some cash or balance your budget in a pinch, there are many ways to stop your spending now, just one day at a time.

Have No Spend Days

Having a No Spend Day isn’t that hard. It can be any day that you go through without buying something. You just need to use what you already have – the gas in your tank, food in your fridge, clothes on your back. The time at your disposal. Be happy with what you have.

The real trick, however, is to have multiple, consecutive No Spend Days. Here’s how:

Stop Spending Money on Food

Most people have a stockpile of food in their homes. Freezers filled with meat and other frozen foods. We have cabinets filled with canned goods and other non-perishables. Funny thing is , they actually do go bad, sometimes before we use them.

Condiments, spices and flavor packets you have been collecting over the years can make ordinary meals special. You may have pasta and rice stock piled. Use these dry goods as a base for your meals and start cooking through your fridge.

Buy Only the Basics – Fresh Food

Did you know you can go to the grocery store and buy milk, eggs, fruit, vegetables and bread for $25. Even with the recent spike of food inflation, these basic items are still pretty cheap. Fresh food is often much lower in price because it spoils.

Resupply Frequently

When you do go to buy new things, only buy small batches of meat or delicious food items. Visit different stores frequently. You’ll get a better understanding of food prices are. When you do buy more food – get it on sale. Be willing to get what’s on sale in the same category.

No Eating Out

Since food has been getting more expensive, and so have the workers that cook it – eating out has gone up a lot too. Sandwiches that cost $5-6 a few years ago are at $10-11 now. If you want to stop spending money on food now, absolutely no eating out.

Make your own coffee if you have some, otherwise, do without. Use up those gift sets from Christmas pasts.

Beg, Borrow and Trade for Things

To really stop spending money on things now means no new purchases. The easiest way to do this is to not leave the house and be happy with what you have. That can get old quick, because people and experiences are what make us truly happy.

Luckily, there are people all around us that have things they don’t want and a hole in their heart. Begging is part of an old saying, but you won’t have to.

Never Hurts to Ask

Your friends and family have so much stuff they have accumulated. Tell them that you are trying to stop spending money as part of this Scrub Money save the environment, financial literacy project. Then, ask if they have what you need. You’d be surprised as what to comes up.

Your mom might have a bunch of what you need because she purchased it a decade ago on sale. She might have too much food in the pantry, yet she keeps buying more. Your friends might be trying to clear out the attic, or know someone that is.

Save them a trip to goodwill and ask. They’d rather help you than a stranger.

Borrow Items from Places and People

Every community has public goods that can be used to borrow or get for free. There are resources available in every city or town paid for with taxes and endowments, just waiting to be utilized. Don’t feel bad, because if you don’t get paid a lot for your work, the people you work for do.

Visit the Library

The library has not just books, but music, movies and video games. They have free tickets to museums and other events. They event have free books that they no longer have space for. Libraries are super underrated hubs for entertainment and education.

Friends and Family Share

If people you know live close to you, or you are acquainted with your neighbors, it’s no big deal to ask them to borrow something. This can be a great way to build relationships, because they may want to borrow what you have too. You also get the added benefit of chatting with them when you return what you borrowed.

Get Services and Items for Free

Nothing is better than free, especially when given gladly. Check Craigslist, Facebook, and even on the street for items of value that people no longer want, but don’t want to throw in the trash.

Trade for What You Want

Trading things can be difficult in modern times. Trying to get what you want for what you have is tough – things aren’t always equal. You can try bartering on Facebook or Craigslist locally, of with your friends. It takes time.

Consider searching for “trade” in the marketplaces if not listed for free. Realize that picking up a free item is a service – that stuff is clogging up someones house. Taking it off their hands will prevent a dump run. Free services can help someone get exposure, experience and a good review.

Delay/Pay Minimums on Bills

Delaying paying a bill if you need to have money is a way to stop spending money. In the hierarchy of needs, pay rent/mortgage, car payments, food, then other bills. Food is actually the easiest to get for free because of food pantries and government assistance.

Pay Rent, Mortgages and Car Payments First

Evictions make it hard to find a place to live in the future, therefore, pay your rent on time. If you found this article while you need cash fast – call your landlord or creditor. Vehicles can be repossessed. Outcomes like this can leave you homeless and without a car to get to work.

By showing effort, you will typically avoid harsh actions, meanwhile, you can readjust your finances to make those payments. Most businesses don’t want to go through the hassle of all the paperwork only to have you pay before the legal action goes through. They just want their money with as few hassles as possible.

Saving money on your bills can be done also when you call in – ask for a discount!

Any Other Ways to Stop Spending Money?

Can you think of any other ways to stop spending money? Let us know in the comments or give a shout out to us on social media. Good luck!